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Education for Africa In the Time Of COVID-19

Poverty, Inequality & Unemployment

This image was taken by our Malawian Media Coordinator in a classroom before COVID-19. For centuries to come 2020 will be remembered as the year that COVID-19 brought all global systems to a standstill. The virus with its devastating and fatal health outcomes, further exposed systemic political, governmental and economic inequalities and shortcomings.

RWA Southern Africa reflections highlighted serious fault lines in the social, political, economic and food systems. It has also exposed inadequacies in access to health and education. Class, race, gender as well as urban/rural inequalities are further exacerbated by the health pandemic. The pandemic  shows the fragile health system that is the result of the past decades austerity and cut-backs. In Zimbabwe nurses are on strike demanding R1000 per month.

The impact of COVID 19 on education is of particular concern, since it’s devastating consequences will be felt for generations to come, especially in poor black rural communities. As lockdown regulations are easing learners across the region are returning to schools.

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