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LG Mpedi and M Nyenti |

Portability of Social Security Benefits in The Mining Sector: Challenges Experienced by Former Mineworkers in Accessing Social Security Benefits in Selected Southern African Countries

Migration & Social Protection

The Southern Africa Trust and Ford Foundation, in collaboration with the Southern Africa Miners Association (SAMA), convened a 2‐day regional dialogue that was held in Pretoria, South Africa over the course of the 27th and 28th of February 2014. Annex 1 is the Agenda of the dialogue; list of participants is at Annex 2 to this report. The regional dialogue facilitated in‐depth discussion among former mine workers, government officials and other stakeholders on the challenges faced by former mine workers in gaining access to their social security benefits they had accrued during the course of their employment in South Africa, and also the status of regional portability of social security benefits in SADC.

The regional dialogue discussed the findings of the regional study on challenges experienced by former mine workers, their dependents and organisations in selected southern African countries and the portability of social security benefits that was commissioned by the Trust. Participants also reviewed the status and implementation of the SADC Charter on the Fundamental of Social Rights and the SADC Code of Social Security in relation to the portability of social security benefits in the region. Finally, participants developed a set of recommendations and initiatives that could be carried forward in tackling the issues at hand.

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