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Southern Africa Trust Covid-19 Response Tracker

Human Development

The Southern Africa Trust collated responses to the Covid-19 pandemic BY Civil Society organisations from the SADC region and beyond.

  • Stigmatisation, discrimination against foreign nationals as well as locals who are suspected of having Covid-19 virus prevalent, resulting in assault, abuse and service denial
  • COVID-19 containment measures spur increases in perceptions of shortages to basic needs because of disruption to normal work leading to increased crime
  • Beyond the health crisis, COVID 19 has set the world in a worse economic and social catastrophe than the 2008 global economic crisis particularly for vulnerable people
  • Long-lasting effects from job losses and related fears particularly in the informal economies, leaving people with no means to sustain themselves now and beyond the pandemic
  • Time to leapfrog into the fourth Industrial revolution with schools forced to close and adopt e-learning as a mode of education
  • Covid-19 is disrupting supply chains across all industries and sectors disrupting economies and the social fabric of many countries

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